Most women deemed issues from sexual health crucial that you address during the a birth control consultation

Most women deemed issues from sexual health crucial that you address during the a birth control consultation

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Introduction:Access to contraception consultation services as well as the posts ones consultations try crucial that you achieve a safe and you will satisfying sexual existence and you may winning reproduction whenever need. The goal of this research were to look at the Norwegian ladies enjoy from and viewpoints towards the birth control meetings.

Methods:We used a cross-sectional investigation which have a survey distributed via Fb having 1917 participants old ?fifteen years. Descriptive analyses were utilized.

Results:Partners feminine think it is hard to supply consultation services (5%). Across the all age groups, side effects was basically the most common point that ladies (69%) need additional info regarding the. Concern with harmful effects was also the most typical reason provided (27%) to possess not using hormonal contraceptives. Among women aged twenty five–34 many years, 54% wished to become familiar with additional readily available contraceptives. Few feminine reported that these topics had been raised. Just below half the ladies think it is appropriate to see a great midwife getting contraceptive/sexual fitness meetings. Only one-third understood you to definitely midwives is prescribe and you can give long-pretending reversible contraceptives (LARCs).

Conclusions:Women want contraceptive consultation services to incorporate more information on ill-effects and you will available hormone contraceptives. Feminine wish to be inquired about the sexual overall health throughout contraceptive services. Female can be made conscious midwives also have birth control functions together with LARCs.


Reproductive health, sexual well-being together with access to contraceptives are closely linked. The latest Us (UN) claims you to definitely reproductive health ensures that some body can decide if if in case they want to replicate, and have that its sex existence can be as well as fulfilling 1 .

Brand new United nations accounts one 9% out of partnered or in-connection female international use birth-control pills, 14% have fun with intrauterine birth-control gadgets (IUDs), and you will 19% have confidence in women sterilization 2 . Short-identity and you can reversible methods be more prominent during the Africa and you will European countries, while enough time-pretending and you may permanent procedures is actually prominent in the Asia and you can North America dos .

One of feminine away from fertile decades for the Norway, 33% have fun with hormonal contraceptives or non-hormone IUDs step 3 . About half of them women can be using shared dental contraceptives (‘the latest pill’) cuatro . The latest extent of your own use of disaster contraceptives such ‘brand new morning immediately following pill’ or retrospect insertion away from IUDs is not recognized when you look at the Norway. Business analytics to own ‘brand new day once pill’ imply that it create absolutely nothing into total volume of contraceptives utilized 5 . There are a number of low-hormonal an approach to reduce chances of pregnancy, instance: hindrance tips, withdrawal strategy, nursing, and you will ‘safer period’ from inside the menstrual period six . Sales out of hindrance gizmos commonly inserted and neither ‘s the entry to natural family unit members thought steps, neither performed we discover right up-to-time look information on the use in Norway. New Norwegian government, in accordance with newest search, suggests more feminine will be use Much time-Pretending Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) seven,8 . The fresh new Pearl list, an inventory exhibiting how many unintended pregnancies while using the any considering birth prevention, try showing you to definitely LARCs are the most effective alternatives to cease pregnancies. The index is dependant on just how many out of 100 feminine conceive during the per year out-of both typical and you will finest accessibility a specific birth-control. Imperfect explore is actually low in the event that contraceptive is within situ, and never dependent on the consumer using otherwise absorbing the fresh new birth prevention towards the frequent durations. As an example, dental contraceptives have a great Pearl list as low as 0.step three which have prime have fun with, but of up to 8 having regular fool around with. Compared, the fresh new hormone IUD has got the same typical and you will finest have fun with directory off 0.1 9 .

Apart from the latest ‘early morning after pill’, all of the hormone contraceptives are supplied as a result of a contraception consultation. Easy access to a birth control consultation are for this reason very important and very important. Taking care of of this visit is for brand new vendor to be sure there is absolutely no predisposition getting big but rare ill-effects eg since deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary thrombosis, myocardial infarction and you may cerebrovascular crashes 10 . Yet not, less major but more prevalent side effects eg unplanned pregnancies on account of terrible compliance, altered hemorrhaging models, vaginal dry skin, spirits changes, effects with the mental health, alter away from libido etc. ought to be discussed, because they carry high pros into the women who need to live with these consequences in their everyday life ten .

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